At Belgomalt we believe in the power of a local supply chain. Agriculture and farmers are essential for current and future life. We acknowledge this and try to support farmers in the best possible way.Malting is something that is in our blood. We have been doing it for quite a long time, with sucess. But we are not satisfied yet. We want to look ahead and make new malts that will keep the next generation’s beer drinkers awake with interesting new experiences!

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Our core values

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Local farming

We are bringing barley back to Belgium. We believe in local sourcing and traceability. We know our farmers and they know us!

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We strive to move the old-fashioned malt business into a progressive and inspiring one, ready to tackle the topics the new generation of brewers believe in.

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We actively support regenerative agriculture, which leads to crops extracting more carbon from the air, strengthening the vitality of the soil and reducing CO2 emission.


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Innovation and Rd

Apart from the reliable malting knowledge and local commitment, Belgomalt can also count upon the innovative enthusiasm of the innovation team at Boortmalt Antwerp. In the brand-new innovation center, our passionate team is experimenting with out of the box malts and beers. They are keened on giving an appropriate anwser to the next generation’s brewers needs. Share your idea with us and we will think on how we can support you.

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