About Us


More than one hundred years ago, every Belgian village had its own local brewery with a next-door pub where, after a long day, workmen gathered for a well-deserved refreshing beer.

Those beers were brewed with passion and craftsmanship and had their own unique, subtle character and recipe. Throughout the years, we learned that the supreme quality of Belgian malt was a unique value for these brewers.


At Belgomalt, besides malting and delivering quality malts, we want to do more. We believe in the power of a local supply chain and even motivate local farmers to grow brewing barley again.

With our Pure Local project, we unite farmers who share the same vision and bring them in contact with local brewers and craftbeer lovers.

Together with these farmers we implement regenerative farming practices. By changing the farming technique, soils get protected and biodiversity is encouraged which will result in a preservation of our local soils.

The Pure local project represents exactly what today’s craftbeer drinker is looking for.

Apart from the reliable malting knowledge and local commitment, Belgomalt can also count upon the innovative enthusiasm of Boortmalt, our malting plant in the port of Antwerp where we are absolute leader in innovation. In the brand-new innovation center, our passionate team is ready to experiment in the pilot plants. In the pilot maltings, Irina Bolat, head R&D and innovation, will look after the latest technologies. We can produce all sorts of malt that our brewer, Cristal, will use to create test beers in the 10HL brewing installation.


Feel like flying into the Belgomalt story? Look at the range and test our malts. Our craftsmanship will not let you down.

Any questions or would you like to get to know our Belgomalt team? Contact alexander.hendrickx@belgomalt.be he’ll be happy to visit your brewery!