About Us


More than one hundred years ago, every Belgian village had its own local brewery with a next-door pub where, after a long day, workmen gathered for a well-deserved refreshing beer.

Those beers were brewed with passion and craftsmanship and had their own unique, subtle character and recipe. Throughout the years, we learned that the supreme quality of Belgian malt was an unique value to our brewers.

At sunset, when farmers left their fields and barns to contemplate the achievements of the day, field mice seized their chance to feast on our grains, but not for long. Right after nightfall, the barn owl made his appearance and emerged from his shelter. From his prime position, this majestic bird was always peering out over the fields, protecting our Belgian barley and malt with which we’re still brewing the most flavorful beers using traditional recipes.


Today, the barn owl symbolizes Belgomalt, our malting brand that’s been there for many years and originates in Gembloux, where our original Belgomalt malting house is still active. Henri, our malting manager, knows our malting house inside and out. Day after day he watches over our steeping, germination and kilning processes and protects the reliable quality of our malt.

Apart from the reliable knowledge and commitment in Gembloux, Belgomalt can also count upon the innovative enthusiasm of Boortmalt, our malting plant in the port of Antwerp where we are absolute leader in innovation. In our brand new innovation center, our passionate team is ready to experiment in our pilot plants. In the pilot maltings, Irina Bolat, head R&D and innovation, will look after the latest technologies. We can produce all sorts of malt that Cristal, our master brewer, will use to create test beers in our 10HL brewing installation.

Feel like flying into our Belgomalt story? Take a look at our webshop where you can easily place your order, Annelies will make sure you have it delivered as soon as possible. Any questions or would you like to get to know our Belgomalt team? Contact Alexander, he’ll be happy to visit your brewery!

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