Independent study on Belgomalt NO-OX malt and its ability to prolong the shelf life of your beer

The independent Belgian beer study center, Delvaux, conducted a study on brewing with Belgomalt NO-OX malt.

The results show that brewing with Belgomalt NO-OX malt prolongs beer flavour stability and enhances the beer shelf life without the need for chemical preservatives or allergenic additives like sulphite.

Click on the below link for the 7 page presentation with the study results.

Brewing with NO-OX malt and its impact on the shelf life of your beer Where to buy this malt?

Professional brewers: 25kg bags -> Belgomalt NO-OX malt 25 kg – Selected Brewing Ingredients (

Homebrewers: 1Kg and 25kg bags -> NO-OX Malt Belgomalt Online Bestellen | SBI Homebrew (

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