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Summer infusion

Over the past fifteen years, multiple influences have broadened the Craft beer flavor palate enormously; thanks to IPA’s, we now have a terrific increase of exotic hops. Barrel-Aging and spontaneously fermented sour beers are back again. As beer lovers, we’ve clearly been looking for new flavors.

That’s why we developed our new Creative Series…


Malt Matters

As maltsters, we’re convinced that we can contribute to this innovative trend by simply going back to basics; our malt.. Our new range, Creative Series, is all about stepping out of our comfort zone

We’ll examine every step of the malting process and look for more creative ways of malting. We want to create new flavor dimensions that can offer brewers many ways to enrich their flavor palate.  

Our second creation was made in summer. Inspired by the mediterranean lavender fields and Spanish orange tree yards our Summer infusion malt arised. This malt features delicate floral lavender coupled with refreshing, bright citrus, all harmoniously balanced with classic soft malt notes. Try it and let keep us posted on your experiences!


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We created a seasonal special. Barley malted with an infusion of summer spices.  

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“One of my favourite things to do as a creative brewer is to have no boundaries – various additions throughout the brewing process; crazy and unique ingredients working in harmony to create unique complexity. Adopting this approach into the malting process was the logical evolution for me, so the infusion series was created.

Cristal Peck, brewmaster and malting innovation specialist


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Keep an eye on the Creative series because our Winter infusion malt is just the tip of the malt mountain!


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The Summer Infusion requires special ingredients and processes, therefore it is available on request and in limited volume.