Gingerbread Cookie Note To Brewers

Dear Brewer!

I am delighted you have decided to exercise your inherent creativity and take the plunge of incorporating this very special malt into your recipe! Thank you for your commitment to pushing the boundaries and keeping the spirit of craft alive!
As a long-term craft brewer myself, my hunger for recipe development is insatiable. I gain a lot of creative energy when I have the tools to achieve exciting and unique beers.
With our Gingerbread Cookie Infusion malt, we wanted to give you even more tools.

About the malt:
When we make our malts, we’re tapping into the very natural process of growing a plant from a seed. We steep our barley in water to simulate moisture in the soil, we then germinate this green malt at controlled temperatures to allow the synthesis and activation of natural enzymes in the barley seed, before we pause everything by reducing the moisture levels down. It is a beautiful and elegant example of the complexity of mother nature.

When I started as a maltster, I wanted to approach this natural process with my usual crafty spin. I dreamed about adding exotic and exciting ingredients into the malting process and I wondered what effect such an approach would have on the final malt produced.
After much exploration with many di?erent exogenous ingredients, I was delighted to discover that the incorporation of ingredients into the malting process was successful in creating an entirely new and unique malt product –
a complex and layered malt variety.

Gingerbread Cookie Infusion malt:

With warming aromas stemming from generous additions of cinnamon and ginger into the malting process,the Gingerbread Cookie infusion malt ?nds soft balance with further additions of nutmeg, allspice and cloves working in harmony to contribute to a complex medley of depth, cosy spice and festivity. As with my home-cooked gingerbread cookies, the secret ingredient, a small addition of black pepper rounds things out beau-tifully.

FYI: This malt was produced with masses of spice additions. It is possible that you will ?nd traces of the spices contained within your malt.

How to use Gingerbread Cookie infusion malt:
The percentage of Gingerbread Cookie infusion maltinclusion in your malt bill should fall between 30%- 60%. The diastatic power of the malt is medium, so we recommend the inclusion of a good enzymatic malt as well as yeast nutrient to ensure yeast vigour during fermentation.
The Gingerbread Cookie character of this malt is very present – bold cinnamon and ginger in a lovely ba-lance with other spices. If you plan to include other strong malt additions (roast malts or specialty malts with a lot of malt character) I’d suggest to play with the upper end of the inclusion recommendation so Gingerbread Cookie notes remain very present. If the intention is to brew a more delicate beer, the lower end of the recommendation range will be ample.

Similarly with hop additions, I would advise to keep them moderate so you don’t cover up the true star of the show – the Gingerbread Cookie infusion malt!

Keep in mind that the gelatinization temperature of theGingerbread Cookie infusion maltis 64°C.Therefore, a beta-amylase rest at 64-65°C for optimal sacchari?cation is recommended.
Prepare yourself to create something totally unique! Good luck and enjoy your brew day!



Variety: 2 Row Spring 100%
Lot NR: 229775
Best Before date: March 2024
Usage Rate: up to 60%
May contain traces of: Cinnamon, Clove, Allspice, Black Pepper, Nutmeg and Ginger







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