Note To Brewers

Dear Brewers, I am delighted you have decided to exercise your inherent creativity and take the plunge of incorporating this very special malt into your recipe! Thank you for your commitment to pushing the boundaries and keeping the spirit of craft alive! As a long-term craft brewer myself, my hunger for recipe development was insatiable. […]

Brewery L.Huyghe is the first major brewer to commit to Pure Local malt

– LOCALLY GROWN, GREEN BREWED – BELGIAN PROJECT IS UNIQUE IN THE WORLD Gembloux/Antwerpen, 7th of september – Brewery L.Huyghe, known for its sustainable ambition, is the first major Belgian brewer to commit to Belgomalt’s Pure Local project. Belgomalt is a subsidiary of Belgium’s Boortmalt, the world leader in malt. The brewer just placed an […]